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Stations of the Cross

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Text from The Bible: A Study Bible freshly translated by Nicholas King. Published by Kevin Mayhew.

Scripture references:

First Station: John 18:28-38

1 .Does this episode reflect in any way what’s going on in your life at the present?

2. Who’s side are you on?

Second Station: Mark 8:31-36

1. Do you find it difficult to accept that Jesus is a Messiah who must suffer and die?

2. Do you find it difficult to accept that Jesus’ disciples must also go on that road?

3. What is there in your life at the moment that involves carrying the cross?

Third Station: Mark 14:10-11

1. Can you identify with this fall?

2. Do you feel the sadness in the story?

Fourth Station: John 19:25-27

1. Can you recall a situation where someone (perhaps you) acted with generosity of this sort?

2. Can you identify with the pain of Jesus’ mother?

Fifth Station: Mark 15:21-24

1. Have you ever found yourself forced into doing a kindness to someone and in the end were very glad to have done so?

2. Have you ever known situations where someone very unexpected was kind to you possibly for mixed motives?

3. Do you think God was at work in that situation?

Sixth Station: Matthew 27:19

1. Have you ever been brave enough to stand out against the crowd?

2. Do you know people who have had that sort of courage and been rewarded with seeing the likeness of Christ?

Seventh Station: Mark 14:66-72

1. Can you identify with Peter’s cowardice, and have you ever behaved in that way?

2. Has anyone ever denied you in that way? How did you react and how do you think Jesus might react to Peter’s fall?

Eighth Station: Luke 23:27-32

1. Have you ever seen people with this sort of courage that the women show? Have you ever been privileged to show this sort of courage yourself?

2. Have you ever known suffering people who had the vision to see the sufferings of others? Have you ever found yourself behaving in this way?

Ninth Station: Mark 14:50-52

1. Could this be your story?

Tenth Station: Mark 15:23-26

1. Have you ever felt utterly bereft of dignity in this way?

2. Have you ever been the subject of a commercial transaction of this sort?

3. Do you know anyone who has had to endure the kind of insulting treatment Jesus is given?

Eleventh Station: Matthew 27:33-44

1. What does Jesus say in response to this mockery, this nailing to the cross?

2. Can you identify with Jesus in this situation?

3. Do you know of other people who have been treated in this way? How did they cope?

Twelfth Station: Mark 15:33-37, John 19:28-30

1. Does it matter to you that there are two different views of Jesus’ death in the gospels?

2. Have you ever known two accounts of Jesus’ death?

3. How will it be at your own death?

Thirteenth Station: Luke 2:4-7

1. Can you put yourself in Mary’s place here, at either end of Jesus’ life?

2. What’s going on in you as you watch these two moments; birth, and dreadful death?

Fourteenth Station: Mark 15:42-46

1. Is that death the end of everything, is the end of all your hopes as well?

2. Is it true what Christians have been saying ever since, that God raised Jesus from the dead and that he is still with us?